There are two major publications of the Literary Association of Nepal.

1. Literary Studies: It is an annual journal published during the annual conferences. It includes research articles on various areas of knowledge.

March 2011 issue of the Literary Studies is available at the bookshops or you can contact any LAN  executives.

2. LAN Newsletter: This Monthly Newsletter includes small write-ups, literary activities, publications in the country and abroad and other relevant information.

You can subscribe the Newsletter for Rs 100 (One Hundred) annually.

[Note: You can send your write-ups, book review, theater/film review for the Newsletter or research articles for the Literary Studies at]




3 Responses

  1. If you can make it a policy in the executive, please upload the newsletter either in .doc or .pdf format. WordPress has this facility. This would make the site invite a greater readership.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am studying M.A in English literature in St. Xaviers College, and our Professor Mr. Keshav Sigdel has recommended us to see this web page and provided us the Lan Newsletter, July edition. And I am so happy to catch this up in word press. I also do have my blog that is mainly literary writing, I hope the readers of Lan also will follow me and my articles. And I am sure to be visiting this site regularly as well. Lots of regards

    Bhavika Dangol.

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